Visiting Programme

Groups of 30 or less/ Evening Visits

Once you arrive, you will be shown a fascinating film chronicling the life and literary career of Kate Roberts. You will then be given a guided tour of Cae'r Gors itself: the house that left such an impression on Kate Roberts and inspired much of her creative output. Incidentally, Cae'r Gors will also give you some insight into the life of a Welsh quarryman/farmer at the turn of the 20th century. Next door to the cottage, in what used to be the cowshed, there is a multimedia exhibition giving you further information about Kate Roberts and the surrounding area, its history and culture. Following your visit to the cottage, there will be an opportunity to discuss aspects of Kate Roberts' literary work with one of our knowledgeable tutors. At the end of your visit, you will be invited to Y Caban for some light, traditional refreshment, consisting of tea, coffee and, of course, home-made bara brith.

Length of visit: between 1½ and 2 hours


GGroups of 30 or more/ Weekend Visits

As above but with the addition of either a walking tour along the famous Lôn Wen (dependent on the weather) or a bus tour around the area in the company of one of our knowledgeable volunteers, who will be able to trace the social and cultural history of the landscape.

Length of visit: between 2 and 2½ hours


We can conduct the group visits in Welsh, in English, or even bilingually. In Y Caban, there is a small but extensive bookshop where you can buy many of Kate Roberts' literary works, in original Welsh or in an English translation where available. We also stock second-hand books. Our shop also sells traditional, locally-made gifts and toys.

  • Group Visits Information 2011 - click here (English)


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