Rhosgadfan is situated upon mountainous terrain at the foot of Moel Smytho and Moeltryfan, upon, what was, common land two centuries ago and included the mountains Mynydd Mawr and Mymydd y Cilgwyn.

The effect of glaciers is evident in this region; they have shaped the earth creating hollows which are now streams and ponds. The streams that issue from here culminate into the lakes Carrog, Wyled and Llifon. The largest lake, Llyn Ffynhonnau, is positioned at the foot of Mynydd Mawr (Big Mountain) and is surrounded by marshland such as Cors Dafarn, Cors Goch, Cors Tan-y-Foel and Cors y Bryniau. It is an area of varied terrains; sheer rock surfaces, vast fields of lush grass and heather as well as abundant marshland that all sustain a diverse range of wildlife.

With the exception of the few trees growing by the rivers, this is an area of open land. The sheer slopes are exposed to strong winds and fog from the sea, yet on a clear, bright day there are no views to equal those of this region. What remains of the old slate mines, the sizeable hollows and mounds, also create a spectacular landscape. The view from the top of Lon Wen (White Road) is particularly impressive. It is possible to see from Pen Llyn to Anglesey with the sea stretching to the horizon and Snowdonia’s mountains standing tall behind you.


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